Floating and sinking

Today we have conducted an experiment into floating and sinking. We were given the following key vocabulary: up thrust, float, push, balanced, weight, force and sink.
We then had to explain what happened to a ping pong ball and a rubber when they were dropped and then pushed into the water.
Our findings showed that the ping pong ball floated and the rubber sank. But then we had to consider why.

Marshall said “the ping pong ball will float on the water because it is light and the up thrust from the water is a stronger force.”

Grace said “the rubber sank because it was heavy and the force of the weight of it was stronger than the up thrust force from the water”.

Here are some pictures…





Science- friction

Our topic in science at the moment is Forces. More recently, we’ve been thinking about friction and the grip on our shoes. We got to wondering about the best shoe for John Travolta to wear for dancing in Saturday Night Fever.
After a lesson understanding different grips needed on different surfaces, today we designed some our of our shoe soles to suit dancing.
Have a look at some of our designs: