Trip to Hillcrest

What a fantastic afternoon 6M had in Hillcrest’s lingua centre! The moment we stepped through the door it was as if we’d crossed the English Channel and stepped onto French soil!
First we had to go through customs and show our passports, before heading straight for ‘la banque’ to change our money into euros.
Once the necessities were sorted, we could really enjoy ourselves with a number of language activities including:
Learning numbers up to 20 in French by playing Lotto, learning the French for various items of clothing (the game we played during this activity was fab!), learning the French for many different foods and learning the French for many different shops.
We then used what we’d learnt (and spent our euros) in the shopping area. There was a cafe, a bakery, a tourist information centre, a pharmacy, a souvenir shop and a green grocers.
We had to speak only in French though which was a real challenge! But we learnt the following words and phrases:
‘Je voudrais…’
‘C’est combien?’
‘Au revoir’

Have a look at our photos….


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