Star of the week

Congratulations to Catrin who is this weeks star of the week. She has been working particularly hard in English lately, last week writing a poem including personification in which she brought a cracker to life.
Well done Cat!



Personification poetry

Year 6 English- set 2

This week we are writing our own poetry including personification. Personification is when you bring something that does not live, to life by giving it human characteristics. We looked at an example of poetry including personification…


Floating and sinking

Today we have conducted an experiment into floating and sinking. We were given the following key vocabulary: up thrust, float, push, balanced, weight, force and sink.
We then had to explain what happened to a ping pong ball and a rubber when they were dropped and then pushed into the water.
Our findings showed that the ping pong ball floated and the rubber sank. But then we had to consider why.

Marshall said “the ping pong ball will float on the water because it is light and the up thrust from the water is a stronger force.”

Grace said “the rubber sank because it was heavy and the force of the weight of it was stronger than the up thrust force from the water”.

Here are some pictures…




WW2 artefacts

Today, we had a look at some real artefacts from WW2 including ration books, an identity card, clothes, a gas mask and much more.
Have a look at our pictures…









All about me profiles

Last week we got to thinking about ourselves and what makes us different from each other. We also spoke about the different roles we play, we are sons or daughters, sisters or brothers, cousins, friends, pupils, and many more. We thought about what was important for each role that we play then designed profiles for ourselves.




Star of the week

Congratulations to this weeks ‘Star of the Week,’ Jacob Jones! Jacob has been working really hard in maths in our recent work on data handling which has included conversion graphs, pie charts and finding the mean, mode and median. Well done Jacob, your hard work at home as well as in school is really paying off 🙂