WWII: The Blitz and evacuation

This half term we are continuing with our work on WW2. Before the holiday, we completed some fantastic blitz pictures after researching the blitz and how it affected people living in cities across the country. As well as that, we designed and made our own gas masks, along with ID labels, and designed propaganda posters.

We are now starting to investigate evacuation and yesterday read about how children of our age and younger would be evacuated to the countryside to live with families they’d never met before, just to stay safe.

Blitz pictures



Gas masks



Propaganda posters




6 responses to “WWII: The Blitz and evacuation

  1. Hateem 6M

    My one saying “DO you want THIS…” is awesome


    Mine is the second one down 🙂

  3. They are all super, you worked really hard, well done! Miss M x

  4. Junias 6m

    Mines the first one! 🙂

  5. Junias 6m

    Also the first blitz picture is mine

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