RE: Creating unity and harmony

Today in RE we explored how hard it is for people with opposing views to create unity and harmony.
The children were split into groups of six and each member of the group were given one of the following cards:

We discussed how challenging the activity was, particularly for those pupils with card number 4. They found it especially difficult to try and get the two sides to even be civil to each other let along agree!






4 responses to “RE: Creating unity and harmony

  1. Ellie

    Omg the back of my head is sooo red

  2. grace

    OMG I am not there

  3. grace

    I am glad I am not there I do not like phototos

  4. Mr Bradshaw

    What a wonderful blog 6M- really pleased with the effort you are putting in to your work! What fun you have. Mr Bradshaw

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